Consult with Dr. Hedberg

Dr. Hedberg has had many requests to offer consultations for healthcare practitioners about their most difficult cases. Dr. Hedberg has been providing practitioner consultations for over ten years with excellent feedback. Dr. Hedberg will assist in reviewing the patient’s case, labs, and any pertinent medical records to help the primary healthcare provider formulate the most effective treatment plan for the patient. The patient will get a strong review of their case and the practitioner will also learn valuable knowledge not just for the patient, but for any future cases they encounter.

This is best done when the primary provider charges the patient Dr. Hedberg’s consultation fee. Consultations are billed at $500.00 per hour.

Please inquire by emailing us and requesting a consultation:


If you are a potential patient who would like to consult with Dr. Hedberg, please visit his practice website for more information about how to get started: