Apprenticeship Program

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Would you like to learn how to build a successful and effective functional medicine practice?

Are you getting the results you want with your patients?

Would you like to work fewer hours and have more time off to pursue what you love to do?

Are you tired of taking functional medicine courses that don’t deliver?

I’ve been practicing functional medicine in the trenches for nearly 18 years, and I’m now excited to teach exceptional, motivated practitioners all they need to know to build a successful and highly effective practice. I’d like to emphasize “highly effective” because that is the real key to building the practice you have always wanted.

I’ve worked with patients in 43 states and 23 foreign countries with a high success rate. I’m ready to share – with an exclusive group of apprentices – all the marketing techniques and patient management strategies that got me to this point.

I’ve given this a lot of thought, and the best way to help practitioners is through a true apprenticeship program that takes you from start to finish. You’ll graduate from the program with a Hedberg Institute Certificate, totally confident and ready to work with any patient that crosses your path.

I’m giving you everything I have with this program which includes the following:

All Hedberg Institute course materials*

  1. The Infection Connection
  2. Functional Medicine Fundamentals
  3. Master Thyroid Disorders
  4. Natural Hormone Replacement
  5. Gut Health Mastery
  6. Organic Acids
  7. Functional Medicine Case Study Series
  8. Webinars Series
  9. Monthly Zoom calls with case studies, research reviews, and Q&A
  10. Full membership access to all courses, webinars, and monthly calls

*These materials are a $6,000 value.

All My Practice Systems

1. Internet marketing mastery:

  • Blogging/website essentials
  • Social Media
  • YouTube
  • Podcasting
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Guest blogging
  • Webinars

2. Expert Knowledge:

  • Virtual practice essentials
  • Establishing target market
  • Laboratory testing
  • Supplementation
  • Patient management
  • Lab tracking
  • Business forms and documents
  • Practice software
  • International patient essentials
  • How to teach patients to use critical thinking skills

3. Marketing Skills:

  • Branding
  • Marketing content calendar
  • Email marketing
  • Book writing essentials
  • Customized weekly time commitment for course study and calls
  • Oversight and guidance with refining systems and writing
  • Review of all marketing materials
  • Case study consulting

4. Personalized Assistance:

  • One-on-one phone calls: either weekly 30-minute call or 2 one-hour calls per month
  • Limited to only 2 apprentices per 6-month period

“Dr. Hedberg has an amazing program with strong fundamentals, the application of the information is patient-focused and very provider friendly. Thorough patient assessment tools and treatment plans that work extremely effective at getting results. The bonus I feel in this program is all the clinical pearls that are shared throughout each module. I thank you and my patients thank you! Keep sharing!”
~ Dr. Raymond Higby, D.C.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?
Six months.

How do I sign up?
The apprenticeship is by application and invitation only. Once you complete the application, we’ll schedule a short call and discuss if the apprenticeship program is right for you.

How much is the program?

Are payment options available?
Yes, and we can discuss this during our initial phone call.

“I really wish I had access to a program like this one when I was just starting out. I also needed a program like this when I was struggling to take my practice to the next level. I’ve decided to create a program that I wish existed at both junctures in my own practice evolution.

The cost of this program is a fraction of what I spent self-educating, and you’re saving thousands of hours of your own time. That’s because I’ve already done all the grunt work for you, and in the Hedberg Institute FM Apprenticeship, you are getting the benefit of all the education and wisdom that I bring to the table.

You don’t have to spend your precious time and money on learning all of the essential patient, practice, and business elements we were never taught in school.

I’m really excited about working with you and getting to know you and your practice. Please let me know if you have any questions. Just send me a message at

I look forward to hearing from you!

~Dr. Nikolas Hedberg