Functional Medicine Fundamentals

Functional Medicine Fundamentals
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Earn a certificate in the Fundamentals of Functional Medicine in this cutting-edge online course.


Whether you are new to functional medicine or an experienced functional medicine practitioner, this course will give you the tools you need to help the vast majority of patients you see quickly and effectively.

This course consists of 16 modules including videos, eBooks, handouts and recommended reading material to advance your skills.

“You can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.”

Modules included:

1.  Functional Medicine Patient History
2.  Functional Medicine Physical Exam
3.  Protein
4.  pH
5.  Insulin Resistance
6.  Gastrointestinal Health
7.  Ketogenic Diet
8.  Exercise Guidelines
9.  Vitamins
10.  Minerals
11.  Adrenals Disorders
12.  Fatty Acids
13.  Basic Dietetics
14.  Blood Chemistry Analysis
*Includes a copy of Dr. Hedberg’s original blood chemistry analysis eBook.
15.  Patient Flow/Putting it all together
16.  Allostatic Load

You’ll learn the best laboratory tests to give you the most important information about your patient’s health so you can help them get well quickly and effectively.

You’ll also receive all of Dr. Hedberg’s supplement and treatment protocols so you can implement this information right away.

If you’re tired of being bogged-down in complex biochemistry and research and would like to have a clear and easy to implement functional medicine practice model, then this course is definitely for you.

This course will take your practice to the next level so you can help patients who no one else can help and build a successful practice.


Print the PDF Certificate of Completion at the end of your Hedberg Institute course.



Allostatic Load

Length: 32 minutes

Allostatic load lays the foundation for understanding why your patients are sick and how to figure out what is causing their health problems.  This model is all-encompassing for every patient…

Functional Medicine Patient History

Length: 54 minutes

This is probably the most important lesson in this course since it presents how to figure out exactly what is causing a patient’s health problems approximately 90% of the time.…

Functional Medicine Physical Exam

Length: 47 minutes

This lesson covers how to properly identify biochemical imbalances on a physical exam.  Practitioners will learn how to identify vitamin and mineral deficiencies, dietary deficiencies, insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, adrenal imbalances,…

Basic Dietetics

Length: 24 minutes

This lesson covers the often overlooked aspect of patient care which is how to properly evaluate every patient for proper caloric intake including macronutrients and total calories.  This will lay…


Length: 42 minutes

This lesson covers how to identify protein deficiencies, how to assess protein deficiencies, the best protein sources including protein powders and amino acid products, and exactly how much protein you…


Length: 44 minutes

This lesson covers the importance of acid-base balance in your patients and how to optimize pH.  The key is understanding the importance of avoiding metabolic acidosis and the biochemical consequences…

Fatty Acids

Length: 30 minutes

In this lesson all types of fatty acids are covered and how to identify deficiencies and imbalances clinically.  Exact dietary fatty acid ratios are presented as well as the best…

Insulin Resistance

Length: 41 minutes

This lesson covers how to identify insulin resistance, the signs and symptoms, conditions associated with insulin resistance and how to reverse it.  Specific dietary and supplement protocols are covered in…

Ketogenic Diet

Length: 34 minutes

This lessons covers the clinical usefulness of the ketogenic diet.  Practitioners will learn exactly when to use the ketogenic diet, the best conditions to use it for, and exactly how…

Adrenal Disorders

Length: 55 minutes

In this lesson all types of adrenal disorders and patterns are covered in detail. Practitioners will learn the best type of testing for adrenal dysfunction and exactly how to interpret…

Gastrointestinal Health

Length: 58 minutes

This lesson covers all the possible causes of GI dysfunction, how to best identify and test for GI dysfunction, and exact treatment protocols for a variety of conditions, infections and…


Length: 58 minutes

This lesson covers clinically-relevant information about vitamins including how to best test for vitamin deficiencies, how to identify deficiencies on a physical exam and patient history, and exact dosing recommendations…


Length: 50 minutes

This lesson covers how to best test for mineral deficiencies, how to identify deficiencies on physical exam and patient history, and exact dosing for each mineral.

Exercise Guidelines

Length: 60 minutes

This lesson covers the science behind all different types of exercise and how they affect biochemistry including hormones, insulin resistance, adrenal function, thyroid function, and gut health.  Practitioners will develop…

Blood Chemistry Analysis

Length: 80 minutes

In this lesson you will learn Dr. Hedberg’s approach to blood chemistry analysis that shows you exactly how to properly interpret blood chemistries from a functional perspective.  This approach will…

Patient Management

Length: 32 minutes

This lesson puts it all together for the practitioner so they know exactly how to properly assess every patient in a step-by-step manner.  Dr. Hedberg shows you his exact patient…