Functional Medicine Master

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This course provides all the knowledge a practitioner needs to master the art of functional medicine.  The Functional Medicine Master course includes all of the courses at the Hedberg Institute packaged into one.  This course includes the following:

Functional Medicine Fundamentals

Functional Medicine Online Course



The Functional Medicine Fundamentals module includes:

1.  Functional Medicine Patient History
2.  Functional Medicine Physical Exam
3.  Protein
4.  pH
5.  Insulin Resistance
6.  Gastrointestinal Health
7.  Ketogenic Diet
8.  Exercise Guidelines
9.  Vitamins
10.  Minerals
11.  Adrenals Disorders
12.  Fatty Acids
13.  Basic Dietetics
14.  Blood Chemistry Analysis
*Includes a copy of Dr. Hedberg’s original blood chemistry analysis eBook.
15.  Patient Flow/Putting it all together
16.  Allostatic Load

Master Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid Functional Medicine Course



The Master Thyroid Disorders module includes:

Hypothyroidism Diagnosis
Hypothyroid Treatment Options
Advanced Thyroid Concepts
Sex Hormones & Thyroid Function
The Best Thyroid Diet
The Best Thyroid Supplements
Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
Graves’ Disease

Gut Health Mastery

The Gut Health Mastery module includes:

Gastrointestinal Health Overview
Patient Assessment
Patient Management
SIBO Introduction & Overview
SIBO Diagnosis
Advanced SIBO Concepts
SIBO Treatment
SIBO Case Studies

Natural Hormone Replacement

The Natural Hormone Replacement module includes:

Cycling Female Hormones
Melatonin, Pregnenelone, and Prolactin
Cortisol and DHEA
Adrenal Hormone Balancing

Infection Connection

The Infection Connection module includes:

Lyme Disease
Protomyxzoa rheumatica
All Types of Viruses
Infection Connection Blood Analysis
Acute Infections
GI Infections
Herbal Medicines for Infections
Amino Acids & Organic Acids in Infectious Disease

Plus 4 additional bonus lessons:

Hashimoto’s Disease
Graves’ Disease
Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus
Alopecia areata Case Study

Functional Medicine Case Studies

The Functional Medicine Case Studies module includes 15 case studies from Dr. Hedberg’s practice on a variety of topics including:

Hashimoto’s disease
Grave’s disease
Alopecia areata
Gut disorders
Hormone imbalances
Anxiety and Depression
Lyme disease
Intestinal parasites

Organic Acids

This is Dr. Jeff Moss’s complete organic acids course including all 16 lessons.  This is the most comprehensive course ever created on organic acids testing and proper interpretation.

Introduction to Organic Acids
Part 1 – Underlying Precepts
Part 2 – Allostatic Load Protocol
Part 3 – Intro. to Organic Acids, Methylmalonic Acid, FIGLU, ß-Hydroxybutyrate
Part 4 – Pyruvate
Part 5 – L-Lactate
Part 6 – Carnitine
Part 7 – B Vitamin/BCAA indicators
Part 8 – Central Energy Pathway Markers
Part 9 – Catecholamine Neurotransmitters
Part 10 – Tryptophan Neurotransmitters
Part 11 – Oxidative Damage & Antioxidant Markers, Detoxification Markers
Part 12 – Sulfur & Glutathione Metabolism #1
Part 13 – Methylation, Sulfur & Glutathione Metabolism #2
Part 14 – Benzoate & Hippurate
Part 15 – Compounds of Bacterial or Yeast/Fungal Origin: Phenylacetate, Phenylpropionate, p-Hydroxybenzoate, p-Hydroxyphenylacetate, Indican, Tricarballylate, D-Lactate, 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylpropionate, D-Arabinitol

At the completion of all the above modules, you’ll receive a certificate as a Functional Medicine Master from the Hedberg Institute.





All of the above lessons include a high-definition video of Dr. Hedberg covering all the material in detail.  Lessons also include important and helpful documents that you can download such as protocols, diets, research papers, patient handouts and much more.


Infection Connection