Gut Health Mastery

Gut Health Mastery
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This course provides all of the necessary information to successfully manage patients with complex gastrointestinal health disorders.  This course will give you the essential tools to properly assess and manage any patient you encounter with a gut disorder.

The following lessons are included in the course:

  • Gastrointestinal Health Overview

The GI Health Overview lesson includes how the gastrointestinal system relates to the other body systems and how it becomes out of balance.  You’ll learn all the specific conditions that are connected to the gut and how to identify the connections.  Microbiota establishment, predisposing factors to imbalance, mechanisms for disease, and allostatic load concepts are covered.  Infections, dysbiosis, gut permeability, malabsorption, hypochlorhydria, food sensitivities, fungi, parasites, GERD and more are included in this lesson.

  • Patient Assessment

This is a detailed lesson on how to properly interpret stool analysis tests.  Sample reports are provided and Dr. Hedberg goes through each section explaining how to make the proper clinical interpretation and course of action.

  • Patient Management

This lesson covers multiple treatment strategies for all gut-related conditions.  The “4-R” protocol, hypochlorydria, H. pylori, bacterial dysbiosis, fungal overgrowth, parasites, viruses, impaired digestion, malabsorption, bowel inflammation, probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, and dietary approaches are covered in detail.

  • SIBO Introduction & Overview

This lesson is a complete over of SIBO including what it is, how it happens, disease and symptom connections, gut-brain connection, microbiota, and stress-gut connections.

  • SIBO Diagnosis

This lesson covers how to properly diagnose SIBO including disease connections, migrating motor complex dysfunction, trauma, causes of SIBO, motility disorders, symptoms, and proper breath testing research on glucose and lactulose.

  • Advanced SIBO Concepts

Advanced concepts include oxalates, salicylates, alcohol, DAO deficiency, histamine, skin conditions, mental health, LPS, biofilms, autoimmunity, iron deficiency, SIFO, restless legs, and GERD.

  • SIBO Treatment

This lesson covers treatment options including herbal antibiotics, antibiotics, dietary strategies (elemental diet, FODMAP etc.), prokinetics, die-off support, prebiotics, probiotics, gut flora restoration, fiber, hypochlorhydria, and additional strategies.

  • Case Studies

Three case studies are provided with detailed diagnostic and treatment plans used for each case.

Dr. Hedberg covers how to properly assess gut disorders and how to properly manage difficult cases.

Exact supplement and diet protocols are provided with many handouts you can use in your practice. You’ll immediately feel confident in taking on any patients with gut disorders with maximum success and unparalleled patient outcomes.

You’ll get Dr. Hedberg’s Supplement Protocol Guide for Gastrointestinal Health Disorders which details the most effective supplement protocols for all types of gut disorders including SIBO, IBS, IBD, GERD and more.

You’ll also learn how to properly interpret stool analysis lab tests and SIBO breath tests.

Dr. Susie Gronski Testimonial

Doctor Testimonial

“I completed Dr. Nikolas Hedberg’s small intestinal bacterial overgrowth lecture series last week. I can tell you that it was very informative and educational. It was 100% worth my time. Dr. Hedberg really knows his stuff. He puts the information in a manner that is easy to comprehend and follow. He also utilizes numerous illustrations to help get his point across. I have attended other courses that Dr. Hedberg offers. They have all been beneficial and have given me tools to further my level of expertise as a functional medicine doctor. I can tell you that this course was one that I enjoyed the most. If you want to be in “the know” when it comes to SIBO, enroll in this course. You have nothing to lose.”

~Dr. Keith Currie, D.C.

I enjoyed watching Dr. Hedberg’s SIBO training and learning how to help my patients overcome this complex condition. Dr. Hedberg is very comprehensive and realistic with all of his trainings and I would recommend any of them. The SIBO training was by far one of the better ones due to the fact I see many cases with SIBO. His protocols have helped me with some of my tougher cases and has allowed me to think about other treatments strategies that I would not have thought of unless I had gone through this course.

Taft Draper RD, CSSD, CSCS, CLT

At the conclusion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from the Hedberg Institute.







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