SIBO Mastery

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This course provides all of the necessary information to successfully manage patients with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

The following lessons are included in the course:

  • SIBO Introduction & Overview
  • SIBO Diagnosis
  • Advanced SIBO Concepts
  • SIBO Treatment
  • SIBO Case Studies

Dr. Hedberg covers SIBO in significant detail mainly focused on providing practical information so you can begin treating patients with SIBO right away.  You’ll have a thorough understanding of all the symptoms, related conditions, and the best way to test for SIBO.

Exact supplement and diet protocols are provided with many handouts you can use in your practice.  You’ll immediately feel confident in taking on any patients with SIBO with maximum success and unparalleled patient outcomes.

SIBO continues to explode in the healthcare arena with many patients left without answers.  This course will put you at the forefront of SIBO diagnosis and management.

Dr. Susie Gronski Testimonial

Doctor Testimonial

“I completed Dr. Nikolas Hedberg’s small intestinal bacterial overgrowth lecture series last week. I can tell you that it was very informative and educational. It was 100% worth my time. Dr. Hedberg really knows his stuff. He puts the information in a manner that is easy to comprehend and follow. He also utilizes numerous illustrations to help get his point across. I have attended other courses that Dr. Hedberg offers. They have all been beneficial and have given me tools to further my level of expertise as a functional medicine doctor. I can tell you that this course was one that I enjoyed the most. If you want to be in “the know” when it comes to SIBO, enroll in this course. You have nothing to lose.”

~Dr. Keith Currie, D.C.

I enjoyed watching Dr. Hedberg’s SIBO training and learning how to help my patients overcome this complex condition. Dr. Hedberg is very comprehensive and realistic with all of his trainings and I would recommend any of them. The SIBO training was by far one of the better ones due to the fact I see many cases with SIBO. His protocols have helped me with some of my tougher cases and has allowed me to think about other treatments strategies that I would not have thought of unless I had gone through this course.

Taft Draper RD, CSSD, CSCS, CLT

At the conclusion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from the Hedberg Institute.







SIBO Diagnosis

Recommended Labs Each lab has been carefully selected for the best testing and customer service. Organic acids testing can be done through U.S. Biotek or Genova/Metametrix. Stool analyses can be…

SIBO Treatment

Monash University low FODMAP app information: Elemental Diet information and calculator:

SIBO Case Study 1

Recommended Tests Glucose SIBO Breath Test by Aerodiagnostics Comprehensive parasitology x3 Stool analysis by Doctor’s Data Comprehensive Hormone Profile by Precision Analytical Optiplus blood panel with ESR by Professional Coop…

SIBO Case Study 2

In this case study, I help a woman with SIBO, biotin deficiency, Hashimoto’s, and a host of other symptoms. Recommended Lab Tests: Glucose SIBO Breath Test by Aerodiagnostics Organic Acids. …

SIBO Case Study 3

In this case study I help a patient with SIBO and multiple GI infections.  This was a fairly straightforward case but the protocols used are important to have since they…