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This course includes all of Dr. Hedberg’s monthly webinars which last approximately one hour and include a PDF of the slides. You can watch the replay video and download the presentation slides.

Topics include:

Epstein-Barr Virus
Hashimoto’s Disease
Graves’ Disease
How to Treat Gastrointestinal Infections
Type 2 Diabetes
Cold & Flu Management Strategies
How to Use Probiotics
Leaky Gut Healing Strategies
Hypochlorhydria Management Strategies
Managing Iron Disorders
Complete Blood Count Clinical Pearls
Zinc in Clinical Practice
Vitamin B12 Clinical Pearls
Paleo Diet Clinical Pearls
Long COVID Clinical Pearls
Glutathione and NAC in Clinical Practice
Tinnitus Clinical Pearls
Cordyceps in Clinical Practice

A new webinar is released every month.