• Webinars

    by Dr. Nikolas Hedberg
    21 Lessons
    • Webinars - $840.00

    Moss Nutrition and Professional Co-op customers get free access to this course. Contact us for the coupon code. This course includes all of Dr. Hedberg’s monthly webinars which last approximately one hour and include a PDF of the slides. You can watch the replay video and download the presentation slides. Topics include: Epstein-Barr Virus Hashimoto’s […]

  • Gut Health Mastery

    by Dr. Nikolas Hedberg
    10 Lessons
    • Gut Health Mastery - $247.00
    Gut Health Mastery

    This course provides all of the necessary information to successfully manage patients with complex gastrointestinal health disorders.  This course will give you the essential tools to properly assess and manage any patient you encounter with a gut disorder. The following lessons are included in the course: Gastrointestinal Health Overview The GI Health Overview lesson includes […]

  • Functional Medicine Master

    by Dr. Nikolas Hedberg
    92 Lessons
    • Functional Medicine Master - $3,500.00

    This course provides all the knowledge a practitioner needs to master the art of functional medicine.  The Functional Medicine Master course includes all of the courses at the Hedberg Institute packaged into one.  This course includes the following: Functional Medicine Fundamentals     The Functional Medicine Fundamentals module includes: 1.  Functional Medicine Patient History 2. […]

  • Apprenticeship Program

    by Dr. Nikolas Hedberg
    0 Lessons
    • Apprenticeship Program - $17,500.00
    Learn Functional Medicine Online

    Would you like to learn how to build a successful and effective functional medicine practice? Are you getting the results you want with your patients? Would you like to work fewer hours and have more time off to pursue what you love to do? Are you tired of taking functional medicine courses that don’t deliver? […]

  • Natural Hormone Replacement

    by Dr. Nikolas Hedberg
    7 Lessons
    • Natural Hormone Replacement - $95.00
    Natural Hormone Replacement

    This course covers hormone imbalances and how to correct them with natural hormone replacement. Additional strategies to balance hormones such as through nutrition, herbal medicines and supplementation are covered.  You will also learn how to interpret laboratory hormone tests and the best tests for each hormone. The protocols packet has exact dosing recommendations for each […]

  • Infection Connection

    by Dr. Nikolas Hedberg
    20 Lessons
    • Infection Connection - $2,495.00

    The Infection Connection course covers all types of infections and how they relate to chronic illnesses such as autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, neurodegenerative conditions, so-called “Mystery Illnesses” and much more. This course includes the following modules: Lyme Disease Babesia Bartonella Ehrlichiosis/Anaplasmosis Rickettsia Mycoplasma Chlamydia Protomyxzoa rheumatica All Types of Viruses Infection Connection Blood Analysis […]

  • Master Thyroid Disorders

    by Dr. Nikolas Hedberg
    8 Lessons
    • Master Thyroid Disorders - $155.00

    Earn a certificate in how to Master Thyroid Disorders from the Hedberg Institute. Thyroid disorders such as hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease and Graves’ disease are widespread affecting millions of people worldwide. A functional medicine approach to these conditions provides answers and solutions to patients who haven’t been helped by conventional medicine. This course will prepare the […]

  • Functional Medicine Fundamentals

    by Dr. Nikolas Hedberg
    16 Lessons
    • Functional Medicine Fundamentals - $495.00
    Functional Medicine Fundamentals

    Earn a certificate in the Fundamentals of Functional Medicine in this cutting-edge online course. Whether you are new to functional medicine or an experienced functional medicine practitioner, this course will give you the tools you need to help the vast majority of patients you see quickly and effectively. This course consists of 16 modules including videos, […]