• Functional Medicine Master

    by Dr. Nikolas Hedberg 87 Lessons $3,500.00

    This course provides all the knowledge a practitioner needs to master the art of functional medicine.  The Functional Medicine Master course includes all of the courses at the Hedberg Institute packaged into one.  This course includes the following: Functional Medicine Fundamentals     The Functional Medicine Fundamentals module includes: 1.  Functional Medicine Patient History 2. […]

  • Apprenticeship Program

    by Dr. Nikolas Hedberg 0 Lessons $10,000.00

    Learn Functional Medicine Online

    Would you like to learn how to build a successful and effective functional medicine practice? Are you getting the results you want with your patients? Would you like to work fewer hours and have more time off to pursue what you love to do? Are you tired of taking functional medicine courses that don’t deliver? […]

  • SIBO Mastery

    by Dr. Nikolas Hedberg 7 Lessons $97.00


    This course provides all of the necessary information to successfully manage patients with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). The following lessons are included in the course: SIBO Introduction & Overview SIBO Diagnosis Advanced SIBO Concepts SIBO Treatment SIBO Case Studies Dr. Hedberg covers SIBO in significant detail mainly focused on providing practical information so you […]