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SIBO Course Testimonial

“For any practitioner wishing to get straightforward and practical functional medicine education I highly recommend Dr. Nik Hedberg. I have been impressed by his practical approach to patient care, and dedication to evidence based treatments. I found his case studies incredibly useful in advancing my knowledge of functional medicine. Dr. Hedberg has also helped me to better appreciate the role of trauma as an underlying mechanism for illness and implementing this aspect of care with my patients has been very helpful.”

~Joe Mather, M.D., MPH

“I completed Dr. Nikolas Hedberg’s small intestinal bacterial overgrowth lecture series last week. I can tell you that it was very informative and educational. It was 100% worth my time. Dr. Hedberg really knows his stuff. He puts the information in a manner that is easy to comprehend and follow. He also utilizes numerous illustrations to help get his point across. I have attended other courses that Dr. Hedberg offers. They have all been beneficial and have given me tools to further my level of expertise as a functional medicine doctor. I can tell you that this course was one that I enjoyed the most. If you want to be in “the know” when it comes to SIBO, enroll in this course. You have nothing to lose.”

~Dr. Keith Currie, D.C.

“Don’t miss the opportunity to solidify your knowledge and understanding of SIBO in the course, SIBO Mastery! Dr. Hedberg is a wealth of knowledge and is very skilled at clearly and thoroughly presenting the topic at hand. He implements the most current scientific research, so you can be confident that you are learning the most up-to-date techniques. In this course, he provides all the necessary information to diagnose and treat SIBO. The course handouts and case study are invaluable guidelines for successfully treating your SIBO patients. I thoroughly enjoyed this course, as well as the many others that I have taken of Dr. Hedberg’s!”

~Louise Proia, M.S.

My experience learning at the Hedberg Institute has been very rewarding. I enjoy the presentations, all the information contained in the pdfs is ready to be printed. The courses I have taken at the Hedberg Institute has deepened my knowledge about functional medicine and improved my clinical skills. I highly recommended them to any health practitioner interested in Functional Medicine.

~Eva Flechoso – Functional Medicine Practitioner

“Dr. Hedberg has an amazing program with strong fundamentals, the application of the information is patient focused and very provider friendly. Thorough patient assessment tools and treatment plans that work extremely effective at getting results. The bonus I feel in this program is all the clinical pearls that are shared throughout each module. I thank you and my patients thank you! Keep sharing!”
~ Dr. Raymond Higby, D.C.

“The courses from the Hedberg Institute are very informative that has allowed me to expand my thinking on how to treat patients as well as get better outcomes.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the courses and the topics that are covered including the major conditions my patients have.”
~ Taft Draper RD, CSSD, CSCS, CLT

“Since taking Dr. Hedberg’s course The Infection Connection I can tell you with certainty that my knowledge of Functional Medicine has been taken to a new level. The material is presented in an easy to follow format and you have access to Dr. Hedberg at all times with any questions you may have. Not only do you get the learning modules but you also get access to all the forms, protocols and supply companies that he uses. He literally opens his office files to you. You owe it to your patients and yourself to learn this material. You will learn how to crack the tough cases that not many doctors do not know how to do or where to look. I can tell you I have found existing problems in patients that I never would have before taking Dr. Hedberg’s course.”
~ Lawrence Precipuo, D.C.

“Since I have introduced the “infection connection” to my overall approach to functional medicine, I have found that many clients,although very helpful, do not fully resolve their issues with the typical approach of managing their hpat axis,sugar balance, digestion and food sensitivities, but often need that final and crucial “layer of the onion” identified, and, so often, that involves unresolved infections. The course has been a God-send to me because working with Dr. Hedberg and the group has resulted in not only isolating the trigger or triggers behind disease, but effectively treating them synergistically with both conventional and botanical anti-infectives, and , thus,achieving superb results …this course is a must for functional practitioners to consider if they wish to disassociate themselves from following individual paradigms in the past that yielded modicum results…”
~ Rene St. Laurent, CCN, DNM, RPH

“I have consulted with Dr. Hedberg on multiple occasions regarding proper evaluation and management of some of my most difficult patients who suffer with chronic conditions related to various infectious diseases.

Dr. Hedberg’s knowledge and expertise in this area has proven to be invaluable and I highly recommend anyone who manages chronic patients with infectious diseases take advantage of any and all training course(s) Dr. Hedberg has available.”
~ Dr. Steven B. Roach DC Gastonia, NC

Dr. Matt Lewis video testimonial:

“We are all familiar with the idea that infectious organisms are a cause of acute illness. But how much have we been taught about the idea that infectious organisms could be a cause of chronic illness?

In sorting through this very confusing world of infection-induced chronic illness, Dr. Hedberg has been a beacon of light for me.

Thanks to Dr. Hedberg’s vast knowledge of the subject and his ability to communicate it simply and effectively, my understanding of the subject greatly increased.”
~ Dr. Jeff Moss

“As chronic infections come to the forefront of functional medicine as a major health concern, Dr. Nik Hedberg’s clinical expertise and understanding of these often inscrutable cases provide us with research-based hope.

Dr. Hedberg is a key part of Professional Co-op’s research and education efforts, and his willingness to share defines who he is. I believe that Dr. Hedberg will have an enduring positive effect on those who participate in his educational offerings.”
~ J. William Beakey, D.O.M.


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